Content=digital consumables (videos, art, sound, etc); Products=physical goods (t-shirts, mugs, posters, vinyl figurines, etc)

A: Yes, so long as you have a valid license for the products. (If it's not a free product you must have bought it.)
While we at Octolopagon Games love seeing fan made media creations using our games, we reserve the right to revoke permission for anyone at any time for any reason.
A: No. If you are selling products using our Intellectual Property we reserve the right to file legal claims against you.
If you would like to sell products using our IPs, please contact us.
A: Of course! Let us know of anything you make, no matter the content type, and we might just feature you on one of our social media channels!
When alerting us to content please provide a link to the content or directly mention us if the platform allows.